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Kid Power Cares Inc., is running a Kickstarter campaign to
raise money to print the completely illustrated Kid Power
Comic Activity Book with 3-D Gallery.

This book is cool! We made this comic book for everyone. Kids and adults will love it! We even created a Get 1, Give 1 (or more!) reward for our backers because we want to make this book available to kids who won't be able to purchase their own copy. We believe in the power of this book's message about nutrition and exercise.

Join us at our Kickstarter Campaign Project Page to learn more about how you can become one of our backers. Reward levels for your generous pledges can include - a printed copy of the comic activity book, original commissioned art by the comic book artist - "Stephen McCranie", or even a live performance of the national field trip show, Operation Lunch Line, on which the comic activity book is based.

Is the PDF really free?

Yes, it’s really free. Teachers/Parents/Kids use this book and share the link with others. Download the activity pages too. The printable activity pages have been reformatted for 8.5x11 printing. We believe in the POWER of Nutrition & Exercise and encourage you to share that POWER with others. This book is under a Creative Commons license. You are free to use it and share it. Enjoy!

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