Comic Activity Book

Comic Activity Book

Retake the live action journey of Kid Power's Operation Lunch Line in an all new souvenir comic activity book...

Kid Power Cares, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization, is on a mission to educate through entertainment, empowering kids and families to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors needed to live healthier, more productive lives.

Our goal is that this activity book will aid in collective efforts to stop childhood obesity:

  • Parents/Teachers: Use the activities in this book to reinforce the nutrition and exercise lessons taught during the live performance.
  • Kids: Use this book to remember the thrilling journey of the live performance in 3-D.
  • All: Use this book to continue the conversation about food and physical activity.

Enjoy flipping through a sample of the comic activity book.
The downloadable comic book and the activity pages from it are below!

Kid Power's Comic Activity Book

Kid Power's Comic Activity Book is cool! Kids and adults will love it! Relive the whole journey of Max, Kaitlyn, Roberto, & Kid Power as they navigate through the Operation Lunch Line National field trip show in comic book form. Download it now to start enjoying this new educational comic book. Don't forget to have your 3-D glasses ready for the end of the book! Created by Stephen McCranie, Bruce Wilson, and Michael Rock.


Illustrated Comic Book, w/Activity Pages, and 3-D Photogallery.
Please feel free to share this digital PDF with everyone!

Kid Power's Comic Activity Pages

Kid Power's Comic Activity Book Pages are designed to aid in the collective efforts to stop childhood obesity. Parents/Teachers/Kids: Use these activity pages from the comic book to reinforce the nutrition and exercise lessons taught throughout the book. These pdf pages ( (2) versions each - one in black & white / and one in full color) are zipped up in a pak and provided in a high quality resolution, so that they can be printed out for use in your classroom settings. Of course we also welcome you to share them digitally to all your tablets or smartphones.

Pak Includes:

Calorie Balance Puzzle, Digestion, Draw MyPlate, Family Portrait, Connect the Dots, Hidden Sugar Search, MyPlate Challenge, Nutrient Puzzle, Serving Size, Sugar Lasso Challenge, Word Search/Maze, & Answer Keys