Customer Reviews

“Wonderful program that engages the students-Loved It!!”

- Teacher, Wichita, KS

“Fantastic! Loved the pace and student engagement strategies used.”

- Teacher, Wichita KS

“We enjoyed the show immensely. Thank you. My class of five-year-olds was seated in the front row, and they were mesmerized. Each day, they continue to make comments about things we learned. It has been a fabulous complement to our lessons in the classroom about food groups and our bodies.”

- Kindergarten Teacher, Norfolk, VA

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Kid Power program today!! We were very impressed! All of the first grade teachers agreed that this was one of the BEST field trips ever!!!! We hope to see it again next year!!! The children loved it-thanks for keeping the program going at a fast pace and keeping their attention-first graders can be quite squirmy and inattentive at times…”

- 1st Grade Teacher, Winston-Salem, NC

“I think it was the best in-house presentation we’ve had. I love that they did not “dumb it down” for the kids and gave them realistic and useful information. All of my kids have been looking at their lunch snacks for high fructose corn syrup and are concerned when they see it”

- Teacher, Hollywood, FL

“We once again enjoyed your performance here in Port St. Lucie!! The children and parents were excited about the whole program. We hope to see you again next year. Thank you for what you do. This generation needs to learn about better nutrition.”

- 1st Grade Teacher, Port St. Lucie, FL

“Thank you! The show was terrific and actually exceeded my already high expectations. I loved how it addressed both ends of the weight spectrum, because no one ever talks about being underweight! The enzyme demo taught me more in minutes than three years of college! All the other characters (like the lunch lady and the science professor) added to the fun and entertainment of the program. The World’s Thinnest Supermodel was so clever and so powerful. It was also so nice of Kid Power to patiently pose with the groups afterwards. Afterwards when we got back to school for lunch, the students were shocked to discover that their food had the dreaded high fructose corn syrup that they had just learned and sung about. I have already started talking up the show and have begun recruiting other teachers for next year’s program and look forward to working with your very pleasant staff again in 2012.

- 2nd Grade Teacher, Port St. Lucie, FL

“The 3D glasses were a big hit with my 2nd Graders.”

- 2nd Grade Teacher, Port St. Lucie, FL

“My parents commented that it was as informational to them as it was for our kids. Thank you for your passion. My class was starving after looking and listening about food all morning! Another parent told me her child went home and wouldn’t eat the chicken nuggets for dinner until mom looked at the ingredients with him and found they were healthy! ”

- 1st Grade Teacher, Ocala, FL

“Hi Kid Power, I recently saw the “Operation Lunch Line 3D” nutrition show at my daughter’s first grade field trip in Inverness, Florida. I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed the show! I think you did an amazing job singing, dancing, and educating our children. As a teacher myself, I know it’s difficult these days to capture their attention and hope they retain the information! My daughter and I are still singing “High Fructose Corn Syrup”…I even heard an argument at the lunch table yesterday about whether the chocolate milk had corn syrup or not (a couple weeks after the show). What you are doing works and I was so glad to experience it. I would love to see more of you in our schools! Thank you!”

- 1st Grade Parent, Inverness, FL

“The show was excellent! I witnessed my students engaged in a very entertaining and educational show. Later that day, I heard students discussing their lunches and healthy choices. I believe the show had a positive impact on the overall fitness of our students. Thanks for a great show!”

- 4th Grade Teacher, Lumberton, NC

“The performance was great and the kids loved it! We definitely want to do it again next year with more grade levels!”

- Kindergarten Teacher, Wrightsville Beach, NC

“AWESOME! We want to do this every year!!! : )”

- Kindergarten Teacher, Wrightsville Beach, NC

“Thank you so much. We really enjoyed the show. I thought it was very well presented and the kids really enjoyed the interaction. I must say it has definitely had an effect on some of our food choices (both me & my child)!”

- Parent, Decatur, GA

“I went to the Kid Power Program this am and I just want to tell you that I thought it was fantastic!!..I am a school nurse and oh how refreshing it was to have a PLANT-BASED theme of good nutrition!....LOVED the media literacy issue about the "skinny model" body also....SUCH A GREAT SHOW!!!.....The costumes were so hilarious also!..As an adult health educator it was pure joy to discover a program that addressed the issues of unhealthy eating and lack of exercise in such an entertaining, informative..and... like I said before...with a plant-based theme!....30,000 plants!!!! Thank you thank you thank you. This program will be an annual event for us!”

- School Nurse, Tucson, AZ

“Our students LOVED it! Thank you!!”

- Elementary Events Coordinator, Peoria, AZ

“We LOVED your show! As the PE teacher of the school I was especially thrilled with the fun and entertaining way that you imparted so much important information on fitness and nutrition in such a short amount of time. Engaging students by having them yell back “Kid Power, calories in and calories out, high fructose corn syrup," etc. kept them on their toes. The audience participation enthused students and the movement songs toward the end of the show helped get them active at a time when some might have gotten tired of sitting. My personal favorite part of the show was the super model and the song that accompanied her. Hilarious and informative. Thanks again for coming to our school!”

- Physical Education Teacher, Tucson, AZ

“Our 2nd Grade thoroughly enjoyed the presentation today. Upon returning, the children were vigilant in locating "high fructose corn syrup" on the labels of their lunch items! As a teacher, I appreciated the information that was presented, and the entertainment value, as well. The interactive format of your presentation was wonderful. The children especially loved the 3D experience, and the portions where they could join in and move! The coordination between you and the projected images was very good, and the images were very kid friendly. The length of the program is perfect for your target audience, and your script is outstanding! The variety of props was also very good. The songs that had pictures and/or words to go along were fantastic and made learning your message very efficient. I was impressed! Thank you for all your hard work and wonderful enthusiasm.”

- 2nd Grade Teacher, Garland, TX

“My students enjoyed your program, and so did the parents and I! I really appreciated the MyPlate visual and the focus on plant foods.“

- 1st & 2nd Grade Teacher, Arlington, TX

“We really enjoyed the field trip. The kids are still doing KID....POWER! We are going to start a walking program during recess to get those kiddos who like to sit around up off of their feet. Next month will be a drinking water challenge and the next month is an eating veggie challenge.”

- 2nd Grade Teacher, Garland, TX

“Thank you for a great show! The kids and parents keep talking about it. The students in my class have been singing the songs all day. Again, thanks for a great show!”

- 1st Grade Teacher, New Orleans, LA

“We were the last group to take a picture with Kid Power. He did a fantastic job. At first I thought it was over their heads, but in the end, it all came together. Perfect job. I didn't see any flaws. The information was interesting; the presentation was awesome; and the presenter was fantastic. My kids have a new motivator...the chant, You Can Feel Great!”

- Kindergarten Teacher, Baton Rouge, LA

“Thank you Kid Power for a wonderful show. The kids loved it. They still talk about calories in and calories out.”

- Physical Education Teacher, Tucson, AZ

“Loved this program. Presenter was great. Students enjoyed it – gr 1-5. Info echoed our health/science lessons!”

- PTO Parent, Winchester, MA

“We would like you to know that we had a fantastic presentation today. He was energetic and informative. We appreciate you letting us be a part of such a wonderful program! We are spreading the word and hope to have you back with us in the near future. Have a great day!!!”

- Teacher, Schwenksville, PA

“Fantastic job! Very entertaining.”

- Cultural Arts Coordinator, North Babylon, NY

“Our 2nd grade classes LOVED the Kid Power show! The 3D glasses were a huge hit (I have some that still want to wear them in class!). I think the manner in which the material was delivered was very much on a child's level, without being "dumbed" down, but still very entertaining.”

- 2nd Grade Teacher, Nashville, TN

“This was one of the best field trips that we have taken our 3rd grade to. The material was perfect for integrating within our curriculum. The kids loved the show and how interactive it was with them. The show held their attention, they loved the 3D, and overall they had FUN learning. We definitely will be back next year with more grades attending. We will be talking about this show with other teachers we know from different schools as well. Thanks for bringing this show to Nashville.”

- 3rd Grade Teacher, Nashville, TN

“Thanks. The show was wonderful! The actor was amazing! We are working on dates for you to come back next school year. I'll let you know soon. Thanks.”

- Nurse, Rye, NY

“Program was superb! Performer was very energetic and extremely informative. I love the show!”
“A very educational and entertaining program.”
“Great program and on level for students.”
“One of the best assemblies. Thank you.”
“The children enjoyed the performance and learned a lot. Thanks.”
“I really was captivated by this wonderful performer. Kudos to him and the show. Bring it back next year.”
“Great show.”
“Great performer, kept students engaged.”
“It was a great presentation.”

- Teachers, Orange, NJ

“Thanks for the email! We had a ton of fun! We loved the student interaction and songs! … the 3rd and 4th graders were singing along, dancing, and totally enjoying themselves. Thanks for such a fun and educational experience!! I am so glad we got our Target grant so we could come!!”

- 3rd/4th Grade teacher, Merrillville, IN

“The program was great! The kids not only enjoyed it, but they learned a lot. Today, during snack time, they were all looking for "high fructose corn syrup" on their food labels! They felt proud if it wasn't on their label.”

- Teacher, Cleveland, OH

“Kids thoroughly enjoyed this program. Parents called me after the show to say their children are singing what they learned from Kid Power.”

- Parent Association Parent, Oakville, CT

“Thank you so much! We had a lot of fun. The kids loved it! I had some great feedback from the teachers as well. I will definitely be telling the other schools about your program!”

- PTO parent, Peabody, MA

“You performed at our school on Monday in Carmel, IN, and I just wanted to compliment you on an outstanding performance. I have sat through many presentations, and yours was by in the large the most interactive and engaging. The kids and I were singing your song the rest of the day. Thanks for sharing your program with us! Keep up the great work!”

- Teacher, Carmel, IN

“We totally loved our Kid Power performance! The feedback has been very positive. I can hear the kids talking about the things they learned and several teachers have stopped by to tell me that it was the best assembly we have ever had. Yesterday I had two sisters in the clinic at the same time and one was laughing saying that the other was driving her crazy singing the “high fructose corn syrup” jingle when they are at the dinner table. I am hopeful that other Carmel-Clay schools will be able to host this program in the future. Thank you!”

- Nurse, Carmel, IN

“Enjoyed the show once again! I wanted to pass along the email below that I received from a parent to the Kid Power crew. Always great to hear the tremendous impact you make!”

- From a North Charleston Parent

"Just wanted to let you know that (my child) wanted SALAD for dinner last night...then he went on to explain to all of his siblings what corn syrup is and how to find it on the they all munched on salad for dinner! He had a great time yesterday, thank you!"

- 4th Grade Teacher, North Charleston, SC

“I’ve been working here 25 years and this is by far the best assembly I’ve seen.”

- Teacher, Port Jervis, NY

“Wanted to share about the Kid Power presentation yesterday. It was pretty awesome! The message was so powerful that my students were reading their food labels in the cafeteria today! The kids were engaged and active during the performance and I got several positive emails from teachers about how much they liked it. It really tackled all the major nutrition areas, body image, my plate and more.”

- Physical Education Teacher, Callelberry, FL


- Teacher, Erie, PA

“Wow! Very informative & entertaining.”

- Teacher, Erie, PA

“It was the best presentation on this subject I have ever seen. The children loved it and I know they will remember the messages.”

- Teacher, Erie, PA

“Loved it! Fast moving, interactive and informative.”
- Teacher, Erie, PA

“Kindergarten students were totally engaged the whole time!! Thank you!”

- Teacher, Erie, PA

“Very cute way to get students to remember important information.”

- Teacher, Willingboro Twp, NJ

“Students thought it was hilarious, fantastic, outstanding, awesome, and marvelous!”

- Teacher, Willingboro Twp, NJ

“The actor was great today. The School Nurse, who requested a health assembly, was thrilled. The kids loved it too, and my son keeps thanking me for his 3D glasses.”

- PTA mom, Hackensack, NJ

“Kid Power is GREAT! I am always a little unsure about how the 5th grades are going to react during a show, they seem to always be “too grown up for everything”. However, they were in the first audience this morning and I observed several animatedly singing and moving along. Everyone loved the parts when they were able to get up and move and the 3D graphics are going to be really difficult to top with our next show!”

- PTC Cultural Arts Representative , Des Plaines, IL