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Helping Audiences Feel Great with Real Food & Fitness

Nutrition Mission for faith-based groups.

Kid Power’s Nutrition Mission is a celebration for the whole family. Based on the faith version of KP’s main stage show, Operation Lunch Line 3D, Nutrition Mission engages participants in a variety of food & fitness activities designed to bring glory to God.

Helping Audiences Feel Great with Real Food & Fitness!

Operation Lunch Line 3D for school / theatre.

Kid Power’s Operation Lunch Line 3D is a totally interactive, fun and exciting musical show about nutrition and exercise. Give your audiences the power to FEEL GREAT by balancing food and movement…in 3D!

Energy Light™ Dance Party! – A Celebration of


This “Calories Out” Party is a great way to expand your Kid Power event. Everyone wears lighted fingers and dances in the dark to popular tunes and fan favorites.

Comic Activity Book

Re-experience the journey of Kid Power’s Operation Lunch Line 3D in this all new souvenir comic activity book.

Giving Kids & Families the Power to Protect the Planet!

Kid Power and the Planet Protectors is a totally interactive musical show about environmental conservation. This show is designed to inspire you to become exemplary stewards of our planet.

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Kid Power Cares is making a difference in the lives of children and their families. But to continue our vital work, we need your support.