Kid Power Energy Lights™ -

Throughout the performance of Kid Power’s Operation Lunch Line 3D, Kid Power leads the audience on an amazing journey using Energy Lights™ on both hands to manipulate animated 3D images on a large screen. These Energy Lights™ are popular souvenirs and Kid Power® encourages audiences to use them as an instrument to reinforce the program’s “Calories Out” message.

Energy Light™ Dance Parties!

Expand your Kid Power event with a “Calories Out” dance party. Everybody wears Energy Lights™ and dances in the dark to the music of your choice: Classic hits, Praise songs, Pop favorites, Disco….whatever gets your audience movin’. God created our beautiful bodies to move! So get up & Get movin!

Send Us Your Ideas and Videos –

Classroom and home activities are great fun with Energy Lights™ and Kid Power® wants to see what fun you’re having. Share your ideas and submit your best Energy Light™ videos to win prizes.

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Recommended uses:

Energy Lights™ are an effective tool for turning regular physical activities into exhilarating playtime.

  1. Synchronize dance routines such as your Vacation Bible School videos or Beyonce’s ”Move Your Body” video created for the national “Let’s Move” campaign.
  2. Energize play at recess.
  3. Teachers use them with “brain break” activities.
  4. Phys Ed classes incorporate them into warm-ups, aerobics, and wear them while jumping rope.
  5. Turn them on, hide them in the classroom, and have teams race to see who finds the most. Give each color a different point value and call out +, -, ÷, ×, so students can practice math skills.
  6. Tie the lights to your shoes.
  7. Attach them to your bicycle wheels.
  8. SAFELY, try all these and other activities in the dark to enhance the Energy Light™ experience.

Group dances ideas –

YouTube offers many great dance ideas and tutorials. Learn them all with Energy Lights™!

*** But remember these playlist links below are merely ideas for you to use as you create your own Energy Light™ fun dances. The YouTube links show you videos that belong to other folks. KPC is not responsible for the content found on these videos nor does KPC endorse them in any way. And kids, make sure you have an adult’s permission to surf the Internet for YouTube videos. ***

👇 Check out our Kid Power Youtube Channel Playlist for Group dance ideas!