Kid Power Kitchen

So you and your family are on a nutrition mission to Feel Great! ...

You’ve experienced the live 3D performance. You’ve got the songs stuck in your head. Your kids have read the comic book. And the whole family is feeling inspired, ready to make real food & fitness a life priority. Awesome!

What Now?

Welcome to the Kid Power Kitchen!

The Kid Power Kitchen is a resource for you. It’s a place where you’ll find practical applications to help you and your family begin making real food & fitness decisions that give glory to God. So you’ll want to bookmark this page and return often. Every time you wonder what to eat, or how to start making positive change, you’ll find answers here in the Kid Power Kitchen.

Currently the Kid Power Kitchen is in development. When finished, we hope it will be a resource you truly love. As always, we welcome your feedback and invite you to send us an email or give us a call anytime you’d like to share an idea to help us improve the KPKitchen. We also love to partner with businesses and organizations in the community. So don’t hesitate to ask Kid Power to help you promote your real food or fitness product or event, too.

For now, here are three exciting partnerships we’re nurturing. Enjoy these resources.

  1. Eat Real America -
  • A few years ago we met Krista who shares our passion for real food. She has adapted over 1000 recipes using real food ingredients and created a website designed to make meal selection and prep super easy. Participants receive weekly meal ideas and coaching tips, and you can even catalog your favorite recipes into a personalized recipe box. My favorite feature is the automated shopping list which itemizes every ingredient from selected recipes and groups them into their corresponding sections at the grocery store, making shopping easy. Get to know Krista today! Tell her Kid Power says, “Hi.”
  • Currently the Kid Power Kitchen is in development with our real food partners at Eat Real America. When finished, you will find practical applications, coaching tips, and delicious recipes to help you and your family make real food & fitness decisions that bring glory to God.

  1. Go Healthy Kansas Vending -
  • Recently we met Kristin Baker who is passionate about providing snacks made from real ingredients. She believes it would be much easier for folks to make healthier choices, if there were actually healthier options available. Let’s face it, overly processed and hyper-sweetened ‘junk’ foods consume our traditional vending culture….until now. Introduce a Kid Power- themed healthy vending machine in your workplace or at your church and inspire your friends & colleagues to join you in your nutrition mission to feel great.
  1. Kid Power CSA – have you ever heard of a CSA?
  • Basically, it’s a network or association of individuals, who pledge to support one or more local farms, with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of real food production. Participants receive their share of the produce weekly, always receiving an assortment of freshest crops throughout the growing season. Kid Power is nurturing partnerships with several local farmers’ market growers to create a Kid Power CSA designed to keep your kitchen stocked with real food every week or month of the year. Give us a call to learn more.