Beet & Bean Salad by Kid Power!

Dear Instagram Followers:
Thanks for your interest in my beet salad! It tastes as good as it looks.
I found this recipe online and am happy to share the link.
Or here is the print version:

Just so you know, I tend to use most recipes as suggestions rather than rules, especially for things like salads, which don't need exact specificity to be awesome. (Baked goods need exact measurements. But salads don't)
That said, here are a few things I did differently than the recipe.
1. I used golden beets instead of red. (They simply looked nicer in the store and had lovely green tops)
2. I try to use the beet tops and this time I did. But generally, when I buy beets, the tops wilt before I find time to use them. So feel free to add any kind of green to this salad such as baby spinach, Swiss chard, turnip tops, or kale.
3. I don't have a mortar or pestle. I just use the back of a spoon against the cutting board. I also use minced garlic. It's easier to mash. I save my whole garlic cloves to use for other times when mashing isn't required.
4. This time of year, my oregano is growing faster than I can use it. So I used fresh and probably twice as much as the recipe called for.....cause I like oregano.
5. I chopped my greens before boiling.
6. I just chopped and use red onion. I don't chill my onion as the recipe suggests. If I don't have red, I use green onion.

So basically, feel free to modify the ingredients and preparation. That what makes cooking fun.

Bruce Wilson